I have decided to finally get around to selling my extra Ranger Keys so I can get some of the others Im missing. Top row are all DX Keys and the bottom row are all Candy Keys. Im thinking of doing $5 for each of the Candy Keys and $7 for each of the DX Keys. Shipping will get figured out later. Im also willing to trade for any of these keys:

Denji Blue, Black Condor, Dia Jack, Heart Queen, Miss America, Battle Cossack, Battle France, Battle Kenya, Bouken Silver, Kiba Ranger, King Ranger, Mega Silver, Rio, Mele, Wolzard Fire, Bull Black, Zubaan, Deka Swan, Signalman.

Those are all the current keys out that I need that I havent gotten yet. Feel free to ask any questions! I think I still have the boxes for the other Candy Keys, if you want the box that goes with a certain Candy Key, let me know!

Signal boosting

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Its the Magiranger Family. I miss them

 That moment when Kai is taller than his family. 

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Kaiger? Kenger? Onger?

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All done with Akiba Red. 
The hair part of the helmet was pretty tricky to figure out, but I think it turned out well. Shirts go up to 2X, but if needed I can get a 3X one is anyone needs it or are is interested, feel free to notify me if so.

Akiba Red Shirt

Download High-Res Wallpaper 

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It makes me somewhat uncomfortable that so many tokusatsu series present it as the hero’s ultimate reward to have a “normal” life or go back to the “real world.” Sometimes, when people have been through something so huge - it’s not possible for them to do that. They just can’t go back.

This isn’t Lord Of The Rings, it’s still heroes in spandex & armour going at it while sparks literally fly. Can it be a mature show? Yeah but you can’t have a Superhero without a little cheese. 

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I wish the girls in Sentai got better weapons, they rarely get heavy melee weapons, it’s usually a range weapon or something “dainty” looking (sword, fan)

Idk swords might be dainty looking but they’re still pretty kick-ass and manly

also let’s not forget gekiranger where gekiblue, a dude, was the one with the fan

Did Gekiyellow get the kickass Elephant Mace? and I’m sure Hime Shinkenred had the Rekka Daizantou and owned.

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This is definitely my favorite picture.

GOD!!! XD oMG -dyinig

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ok so this is TumblrPink: Nozama

she has the power of like. i’ll elaborate. she has the power to distract enemies with her beauty, and had good luck (likeliness). her final support is on her right leg. she tends to kick enemies is the nuts, so with the final support, they’re sure to be powerful. she also has a gun that shoots lipstick. her visor is the following icon thing, and the like icon is on the side of her head

Gahh Abby’s too cute >////< xD

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